Stromectol 6 mg in Norway

Stromectol 6 mg in Norway

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Active substances: Ivermectin

Release form: pill
Pack: 10 pieces
Function: Anthelmintics
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Chemical name: Stromectol
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    For the treatment of onchocerciasis due to Onchocerca volvulus infection. Repeated follow-up and retreatment is usually required because ivermectin does not kill the adult onchocerca parasites.

    Corticosteriods, antihistamines, or other antiinflammatory agents i. For the treatment of strongyloidiasis. Usual dose: 15 mg.

    Usual dose: 12 mg. Strong M, Johnstone PW.

    Uses for Stromectol

    Interventions for treating scabies update. Sharma R, Singal A. Topical permethrin and oral ivermectin in the management of scabies: A prospective, randomized, double blind, controlled study.

    Indian J Dermatol Venereol Leprol.


    Currie B, Davis J. Department of Health and Families. The PBAC agreed with the ESC that scabies is a disease that is a significant problem for the indigenous population, but considered that it was appropriate that ivermectin should be available to the broader population.

    The PBAC considered, given the difference in the proposed treatment guidelines, that separate restrictions should be created for the indications of crusted scabies and typical scabies.

    The PBAC noted that, in regard to typical scabies, the sponsor presented the opinion of three clinical experts who considered that ivermectin is currently used after failure of permethrin and benzyl benzoate. The PBAC considered that true resistance to topical treatments was rare and that the continued presence of mites was more commonly due to re-infection or misapplication of or non-compliance with topical therapy rather than in vitro resistance.

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